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Spartan Marine Transport specializes in freight & cargo transport, and outdoor adventures. Our 35' landing craft, the 'Petrof Princess' can carry up to 8,000 pounds of freight and cargo or construction materials.


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Who Are We

About Us

Spartan Marine Transport is a small, locally owned LLC. 
Our Coast Guard licensed Captains have more than 70 years combined experience operating all kinds of water craft, with 30 years of that in Alaskan waters.
Home ported in Seldovia, and serving Kachemak Bay, lower Cook Inlet, and the outer coast of the Kenai Peninsula.

OUR Vessel

The Petrof Princess

Our vessel is a 35' landing craft built by American Eagle. With a large cargo deck as well as an aft storage area she can carry 8,000 pounds easily.
She isn't the fastest vessel in the fleet, but is extremely fuel efficient, with savings we pass on to our customers.

Our Services

What We Do

Our main service is cargo and freight transport. Our large fuel capacity and efficiency allows us to do this over long distances. We also offer transportation services to outdoor adventurers going to remote areas of Alaska.
Along with our marine experience, we also have extensive knowledge about construction in Alaska, especially in remote areas. Feel free to reach out with ideas or plans, and we would be happy to help.


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